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“From 1666, we began making mirrors as beautiful as those made in Venice and that supplied the whole of Europe and they were to become of a beauty and grandeur that has never been achieved elsewhere”

Voltaire, Le Siecle de Louis XIV

Saint-Gobain Glass Estonia SE belongs to the Saint-Gobain Group (Innovative Materials Sector) and manufactures and distributes various value added glass products.

The company is engaged in the production of laminated windshields, tempered sidelites, window assemblies, tempered building glass and sale and installation of automotive glass.

The company is part of Saint-Gobain Sekurit International, which has been supplying innovative glass products for over the 350 years.

Saint-Gobain Glass Estonia SE
HQ: Kirde 2, 61506 Elva
Phone: +372 730 3300

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17/10/2018 种D houses with Saint-Gobain Mirastar glass 种D was founded by brothers Andreas Tiik and Jaak Tiik, who were inspired by a wish to create a hotel concept with a new and bold design, comprised of guest rooms and aid facilities such as reception desk, restaurant, conference r

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